Introducing Mascot

The ancient Egyptians were creating mascots to help people in their daily lives. They believed that these items have the ability to protect them from the evil spirits. Mascots are made as an object, symbol or just word with some goal. The most important idea of mascot is people's belief that they work. In reality it is belief in their own strength is what gives strength to people. Our goal is to give the opportunity to each owner of the MASCOT tokens to buy their own unique NFT talisman for their most unexpected, incredible, fantastic, cosmic, mystical and any other needs.

MASCOT - not just a token!

Mascot team

We are a team of professionals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially over the past few years. Which, of course, worries us, because we have been in the subject for more than 3 years: we study, mine, develop programs, invest, and so on. Hey stop, stop, stop! Now the next MASCOT station is just with us. Happiness is a choice! –°hoose your MASCOT!

Mascot samples

Some samples of NFTs, we are producing. Remember, our NFTs can be acquired only using our own token, find more information about our token below

White cat NFT
Second Cat NFT

Token information

We are actively developing our platform at the moment, some important preliminery information we can already share about our activities

  • we are working on Cardano network
  • we minted 100 000 000 MASCOT tokens
  • we are preparing many exciting moves including pre-sale and airdrops of tokens and NFTs (subscribe our social networks)
  • we are preparing our own staking node
The genuine mascot token policy id: 0a50fef0531ad801149ba033b6ed2d4832d59d24e7e9e57c41c9033d

Download our Whitepaper if you want to get more information about our project.